Yes, You Are Already Strong

imageJust about anywhere you look on social media you’ll find a message about changing your mind set, saying “I Can” instead of “I Can’t”, and generally removing negative self-talk from your head. In all of the messages you’ll find out there – this isn’t the one to ignore. Its not just rhetoric. It actually makes a difference to change how you talk to yourself.

Although I blabber on about this with my clients (and myself, to be honest) all the time, the significance of this shift in mind set came into sharp focus last week while I was working with a client. We were working on dead-bugs, which are probably one of the hardest core exercises when done correctly. After a few so-so reps, she got it right and suddenly stopped to say “AH”! As in, “Ah, that’s how its done”. I asked her what changed, what was different about that rep. What she said made my heart sing for her. She said “I’ve always said that my abs are weak and that I can’t do a certain exercise because I am weak. But I just decided to tell myself that I am strong and that there is strength there. And then I did it”. Mic drop. She told herself she was strong and then she did it. And kept doing it.

Every so often when I’m working with someone and asking them to give me a little bit more, I can almost HEAR their mind saying “no, I can’t”. I respond with “Yes, you can”. And I hope that their mind absorbs that message and starts saying “Yes, I can do this. Yes, I can try. Yes, I am able. Yes”. Its the message Rocco and I share with our children everyday when they tell us something is hard and they start to say “I can’t”. We tell them, you can always try because anything you try today, will grow into something bigger tomorrow. Believe in the process, believe in yourself. Because yes, you are already strong.

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