A Bigger and Brighter Future

img_7197It’s been one year since I took a big breath and hit publish on my website. It was the biggest leap of faith that I’ve taken so far in my life and I haven’t regretted one second of the past year. It has been a phenomenal year of growth for me as a trainer, coach and business woman.

One of the recurring themes that I hear from new clients and anyone who has been on my website is one of positivity. Throughout the process of designing the website, choosing photographs and writing content, my goal was to express who I am and my outlook on the world.

Just over a year ago I found myself in a very different place – unsatisfied, unsure of my direction and critical of others. That negativity didn’t sit well with me and I ultimately decided that I needed to commit to a different path. I needed to figure out what I wanted in life and go after it. I needed to focus on the person within me who is ultimately a positive person with a passion for working with others. I decided to not just sit with discontent. My focus, instead, is on positive action and change. Nothing will be changed or fixed by stewing in anger, judging others or ourselves negatively. But I also embrace critique – as long as its constructive and as long as that critique is followed up with a positive action.

KSA – Knowledge. Strength. Action. First we need to “know” and understand an issue. Then we need to create a plan and put all of our strengths into developing an achievable plan. Then we need to put it into action. The follow-through on an actionable plan has been my focus this past year.

Thank you for all of your support this past year as you’ve shared my posts, followed me on Facebook or Instagram, referred friends to my classes or to my in-home personal training services. I often say that I have the best clients in the world – its not an exaggeration. I learn more from my time with you that I ever could have thought possible. Every time I leave your home or class, I am rejuvenated and inspired to continue on this journey. My plan for this year is to embrace the positivity and all of the messages that scream YES! I will take all of those messages delivered to me and use them to do even bigger and brighter things!



Note: If you’re wondering why I included this picture of my daughter and I in our Girls Gone Strong t-shirts, its because I believe that the only way we can truly achieve our biggest and brightest dreams is by lifting each other up and supporting each other in all our endeavours!

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