Rock Your Range – Power in Movement

I have an expression that I share with all of my clients and group classes – Rock Your Range. To me that means focusin on working with a range of motion that is accessible and achievable for you and your body, today.

Fitness, or exercise, is not about competition – its just about moving your body. And the more you move your body the more your body actually CAN move. Let’s say I ask a client to perform a glute bridge and to only focus on contracting the glutes to lift the hips off the ground. She might find that she’s only able to lift her hips 3 inches off the ground – if she tries to lift her hips any higher, she would probably end up using her lower back. That’s where Rock Your Range comes in. If she consistently focuses on that 3 inch range that her body is able to achieve her glutes will get stronger, her understanding of the movement will improve and 2 weeks from now she may be able to lift her hips 4 inches off the ground.

By “rocking your range” you’re able to develop strength where you need it. Perform movements to the best of your ability, in positions where your body feels safe and supported and I can guarantee that with consistent practice, your body will give you a little more.

Now there’s another really important component to this equation and that’s power. I’d like to talk specifically to the women reading this post right now. There are countless arenas in our lives where we don’t feel as though the balance of power is in our favour. Most times we know it isn’t. But when it comes to exercise and movement you are in full control of how your body moves. It doesn’t matter how many times a boot camp instructor tells you to squat deeper, lunge further, push-up faster – you are in complete control of how you move your body.

It might take some time to completely tune into your body’s strength and it would definitely be easier to have a trainer or instructor who encourages you to focus on the range of motion in which you are strongest. When you know your body’s strength and switch your focus to moving within that strength, well that’s one of the most powerful feelings. That’s the power in movement.

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