Client Feature: Elizabeth Stickel

Client Feature – Come Get Strong With Us!

Each month I’ll be highlighting one of the current PT or Group Class  of the KSA Crew. I’m constantly blown away by the strength and determination of these folks and want to shout their accomplishments from the rooftops! So here goes:
Come Get Strong with….Elizabeth Stickel!
Elizabeth has been attending the Circuit City Classes for the past year and half. She started out coming once per week and soon became a twice per week regular. Initially Elizabeth was concerned about her ability to fully participate in classes due to long term issues with her low back. We modified exercises so that she could feel confident and safe with each movement. It didn’t take long for her to get stronger and for her to progress to more challenging exercises. From bench press to kettlebell swings to pull-ups, Elizabeth comes to class each week asking herself, “can I do that?”. And the answer is almost always, “yes, yes I can!”.

1. Tell us about something you’ve been able to do in class that has surprised you.

I have been very surprised to be able to do most any of the exercises as I hadn’t worked out for so long and had a lot of lower back issues. Specifically, though, I was surprised that I could so squats with the large barbell on my shoulders.  Makes you feel powerful when you realize you can do that!  I also have been surprised at being able to hold a plank for more than a couple seconds as well as being able to do the “stir the pot” forearm plank on an exercise ball.  Not an easy one still but I’m surprised I can even do it at all!

2. What exercise would be be surprised to know that you like doing?

I never thought I would like kettle bell swings and other kettle bell exercises as much as I do.

3. What fitness goal are you currently working towards?

I’m working towards strengthening my core and back muscles.  As this has been happening I’ve noticed my lower back (which I have had a lot of trouble with for about 10 years) hasn’t been giving me the same painful issues I have normally dealt with just doing regular everyday activities.

4. What is your favourite thing about getting stronger?

I love how much better my whole body feels, the way I can do things with my kids or pick up my daughter and not feel pain in my lower back. I’ve also noticed such an improvement not only in my body but also in my mindset and mood.  Working out has helped me so much in managing anxiety and depression.

5. What songs would we find on your fitness playlist?

Anything upbeat – I love Bruno Mars, Sia, Pink, Beyonce, The Killers and U2.

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