Client Feature: Maggie

Tell us about something you’ve been able to do in class that has surprised you.Honestly, the thing I’m most surprised by is the fact that I’ve been able to get myself out of bed at 5:40am consistently for almost two years in order to attend the Early Morning Crew class at 6:00am.I’ve never so consistently stuck to an exercise class, which is a testimony to how rewarding the classes are. What exercise would we be surprised to know that you like doing?I have a love-hate relationship with all the planks. I love that I feel so much stronger doing them but I kind of hate doing them. What fitness goal are you currently working towards?On Mother’s Day, I’m running the Sporting Life 10k to support Camp Oochigaes. Camp Ooch is a special place for our family because our son, Henry, goes there every summer. Henry was diagnosed with leukemia just before his sixth birthday, and he requires 3 and a half years of chemotherapy in order to get rid of his cancer. Henry is a strong, positive, brave little soul who has taught me to find strength and courage through life’s hard times. Any time I’m struggling in Kara’s class, or with training for this run, I channel Henry’s strength and remember that if he can do what he does every day, then I can certainly do one more rep! What is your favourite thing about getting stronger?A greater awareness of what my body is capable of. Whether that be climbing the stairs, carrying my daughter, or portaging a canoe, I’m confident that my body is prepared! What songs would we find on your fitness playlist?Is this a no judgement zone?  I’m a sucker for all things Justin (Timberlake, Bieber), any pop song that reminds me of dancing with my kids (Shaun Mendez, Bruno Mars), and songs that throw me back to the old university days (Nelly, 50 cent).  
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