New Year / New Decade

Happy 2020 to you and your families! I’m looking forward to putting up our new family calendar and cracking into my new agenda and seeing what the new year holds. There’s something about those blank pages and empty squares that makes me think about all the possibilities that are ahead. How I will fill those spaces and what story of my year will my agenda tell by next NYE? 
Looking back at 2019, I see a person who weathered plenty of storms but found ways to make more time for family and friends. I see a person who determined to honour the direction her business is taking (ie. more kid’s classes) while keeping space for herself (ie. less daily travel). 
My new year’s resolutions are grand, though I am thinking about things that I’d like to see in my 2020 life. More time playing instruments, spending 5 minutes a day practicing Italian…. But as I look back over my 2019 calendar, I see that each month/week/day we have an opportunity to make a new resolution — and we often do make small decisions that change the course of year. The class you take, the new parent you talk to on the school yard, the book club you join or the volunteer job you take on. They all open up new possibility and send you in directions that you can’t anticipate today. 
I will you all a very 2020 filled with all the possibility that a new year brings!

In strength and love,

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