Happy 2020 to you and your families! I'm looking forward to putting up our new family calendar and cracking into my new agenda and seeing what the new year holds. There's something about those blank pages and empty squares that makes me think about all the possibilities that are ahead. How I will fill those […] Read More →

Client Feature: Maggie Thumbnail

Tell us about something you’ve been able to do in class that has surprised you.Honestly, the thing I’m most surprised by is the fact that I’ve been able to get myself out of bed at 5:40am consistently for almost two years in order to attend the Early Morning Crew class at 6:00am.I’ve never so consistently stuck to an […] Read More →

Client Feature: Elizabeth Stickel Thumbnail

Client Feature - Come Get Strong With Us! Each month I’ll be highlighting one of the current PT or Group Class  of the KSA Crew. I’m constantly blown away by the strength and determination of these folks and want to shout their accomplishments from the rooftops! So here goes: Come Get Strong with....Elizabeth Stickel! Elizabeth […] Read More →

I’ve been thinking a lot about movement lately, and how much we take it for granted.  Many of us have a tendency to grumble when we’re unable to find a parking spot as close to our destination as possible or think of exercise as a chore. I have heard myself complaining about how difficult distance […] Read More →

I have an expression that I share with all of my clients and group classes - Rock Your Range. To me that means focusin on working with a range of motion that is accessible and achievable for you and your body, today. Fitness, or exercise, is not about competition - its just about moving your […] Read More →

Sometimes We Need to be Selfish Thumbnail

Outside of exercise form and workout composition, the number one question I receive from clients is how to make time for their workouts. Between family, work, friends, and other social commitments people seriously struggle with finding time for their workouts. I'm not really any different. My life is just as chaotic with two kids, their […] Read More →

How to Fit in Your Workout as a Busy Mom Thumbnail

I recently wrote a guest blog post for the Girls Gone Strong website on "How to Fit in Your Workout as a Busy Mom". Writing this post was like taking a trip down memory lane and thinking about how I made time for "me" when my kids were especially little and they needed almost constant […] Read More →

#SundayMorningFamilyChallege Thumbnail

The best ideas often grow out of the simplest of beginnings. This summer I started hosting 30 minute workouts in my back-alley as a way to ensure I would get at least one workout in over the weekend. The idea started to form through a busy spring when I wasn't finding enough time to get […] Read More →

What I Won’t Tell My Kids About Food Thumbnail

I'm allergic to fish. Yes, all fish including shellfish. I've been allergic to most fish since my first major reaction when I was 5 years old. I ate shellfish for years and then my first pregnancy put a stop to that. I started to notice minor, increasingly alarming reactions, to shellfish when my first kid […] Read More →

A Bigger and Brighter Future Thumbnail

It's been one year since I took a big breath and hit publish on my website. It was the biggest leap of faith that I've taken so far in my life and I haven't regretted one second of the past year. It has been a phenomenal year of growth for me as a trainer, coach […] Read More →