Ah, September Thumbnail

  September has been a significant month from the time we were 5 years old. January might be the start of a new calendar year, but the first Tuesday after Labour Day has been imprinted on our brains as a time of beginning. As summer winds down, I can't help but to think of this […] Read More →

A Mother’s Day Wish Thumbnail

For this Mother's Day I'm going back to something I posted on International Women's Day. Its a post that hit on a chord for many people on Facebook and Instagram and I think bears repeating. The heart of the message? Women count, today and everyday. Mothers come in all kinds of forms so let's celebrate […] Read More →

Yes, You Are Already Strong Thumbnail

Just about anywhere you look on social media you'll find a message about changing your mind set, saying "I Can" instead of "I Can't", and generally removing negative self-talk from your head. In all of the messages you'll find out there - this isn't the one to ignore. Its not just rhetoric. It actually makes […] Read More →

Coming into the Light Thumbnail

Well this is exciting and nerve-racking at the same time! My first blog post on a website that is devoted to me and my work - no pressure right? By now you've probably peeked around my photos and services and found yourself on this page because you want to know more about who I am […] Read More →