What I Do

Whether male or female, my clients come to me because they want to look better, move better and feel better. Your goals are my #1 priority. I will develop a program that is based on those goals and how your body moves.

My personal goal is to make sure that by the end of our session you feel more energized and empowered by what your body is capable of doing. While motivating you towards your goals, I want to show you how to transfer the exercises that we use in our sessions into your daily routines. I love hearing from my clients that learning how to squat has changed how they pick up their toddlers; how the posture and core work has made it easier to carry their groceries home; how our plank and push-up work helped them to win a push-up competition at guy’s weekend at the cottage!

In-Person Outdoors Training 1:1 or 2:1

Train with me in-person in my garage/laneway. A minimum distance of 6′ will be maintained during training sessions to allow for proper physical distancing. Bring your own yoga mat, towel and reusable water bottle. Hand sanitizer will be provided and I will clean all equipment after your training session. You will be provided with a custom program design and training plan with email/text support between sessions. $90/1 hour or $80/45 min.


Virtual Personal Training

Working out at home is easy and convenient, with the help of FaceTime or Zoom. Let me show you how to turn your home into a fun and effective workout space! We’ll use any equipment you have  As long as you have space for a yoga mat, I can create a fun and challenging workout program for you! 45 minutes for $60 +HST or 30 minutes for $50 +HST. Contact me for special pricing for students and First Responders.


Virtual Group Training

Join me for an online 1hr class conditioning class – with options to use dumbbells, kettlebells, bands or just your own bodyweight! We’ll spend the first few minutes warming up together, so if you’re running a few minutes behind, you can still join in.  When you sign up for classes through the Schedulicity app below and I’ll send you the Zoom link to join the class from the comfort of your home.

New Members pay just $30 for the first 3 classes!

$110 +HST for 6 Week Class Pass (1x per week)
$205 +HST for 12 Week Class Pass (2x per week)
Drop-in for $20
(Class Passes expire after 8 weeks)

Online Scheduling

30/30 Strong for BIPOC Women

30/30 Strong is a body positive, trans inclusive space, for women who identify as BIPOC – Black, Indigenous, Person of Colour. The goal is to be stronger together — through fitness and by creating a circle of support for our experiences as Black, Indigenous, and people of colour in a fitness industry and broader society that is predominantly white.

This free weekly class will start off with a 30 minute workout followed by a 30 minute conversation about anything and everything that is relevant to our lives. Parenting, politics, finances, work, relationships — we will create the space to talk about these issues through the lens of BIPOC experience, history, and culture.

My focus will be on providing you with strength and conditioning based workouts using mostly bodyweight exercises. Initial classes will be held virtually, but I hope to offer in-person classes when the social distancing measures due to the Covid-19 pandemic are lifted. Fitness is for every body and this class is for people of all fitness levels — I am committed to providing modifications to keep us all moving together. 

Please join the FB group 30/30 Strong for BIPOC Women for class updates.

30/30 Strong is open to BIPOC who identify as women, femmes or as gender queer. KSA Personal Training in an LGBTQ2S+ inclusive space.

Girl Squad (Classes for 9-11yr olds and girls 12+)

Outdoor and Virtual class options for the fall!

A class just for the girls! This 45 minute class is designed to provide girls aged 12+ with a body positive and supportive environment where they will develop motivation, confidence, and physical competence in an active lifestyle. This class is based on teaching girls good fundamental movements through strength training, agility and balance. Exercises will be primarily bodyweight exercises with some introduction to resistance bands, medicine balls, and dumbbells.

Outdoor Session (starts the week of September 14th)

A physical distance of at least 2m will be maintained and participants will not share equipment. The instructor will wear a mask at all times and participants are encouraged to consider doing the same. Classes will be capped at 8 kids.

Mondays at 4:30pm (9-11yrs) & Thursdays at 4:30pm (12+)

4 weeks for $60 +HST.

Virtual Session (starts the week of September 14th)

Exercises will be primarily bodyweight exercises along with some basic props that are easily found around the home such as step stool, sports ball or water bottles. Participants will be asked to keep their video on so that the instructor can help correct form but everyone will be muted to minimize distractions.

Tuesdays at 4:30pm (starts the week of September 15th)

7 weeks for $84 +HST

Back-Alley Fitness Class (Outdoor, in-person)

Back-Alley Fitness is a 30 minute moderate to high intensity strength and conditioning class that takes place on Sunday mornings behind my garage. Back-Alley Fitness will run differently than it has in the past to keep everyone safe, but we can still have a great time starting off our Sundays together! To maintain physical distancing protocols your station will be set-up before you arrive with a yoga mat and weights/bands to use during the class, with a minimum of 2m from other stations. Your water bottle, towel and any other belonging should be placed at your station. At the end of class, please leave all equipment at your station to be cleaned. You are encouraged to bring your own yoga mat. If you have your own weights that you would like to use, please let me know before you arrive. I will be wearing a mask during class. Only participants who are signed up for class may attend. 10 person maximum. Please bring your travel mug of coffee/tea for after class!

YouTube Channel

Check out the KSA Personal Training YouTube channel for exercise and workout ideas.