I started working with Kara at a particularly desperate time. Two pregnancies, a repeated strained ankle, PCOS and Fibromyalgia had all left me very weak. And Kara has made me strong. I have come so far from where I was when we started our sessions. Kara has pushed me (in a good way) further than I could have ever expected. She is very responsive to my body issues when I have a flare up and we work around it. I would highly recommend Kara to anyone!

— Natasha

I was fortunate to have started working with Kara when I did. I was working with her for over a year before I had a baby. The benefits of having a knowledgeable and adaptable personal trainer were unmeasurable. When I had injuries, Kara would adapt the workouts on the fly. When I mentioned I was having issues with certain areas, she would work at those specific areas in a different way. And if she didn’t know then she would make it her priority to research the issue. When I was pregnant, she made my work outs so personal for every stage of my pregnancy. I had a great recovery after my second c-section and I truly believe it was because of working out with Kara up until delivering. My post-partum energy and physical abilities were so much better and I attribute that to my sessions with Kara. The best thing I can say about Kara is that she has a desire to be a better trainer, not for her, but for her clients. Her desire to train more, learn more and teach more are the things that make her a fantastic trainer to work with.

— Debbie

Professional, personal, informed, fun , always changing and challenging work outs with Kara.

— Michael

I began working with Kara 4 months after having my second baby. I knew I was experiencing diastasis recti (ab separation) and had to learn how to repair my abs while being efficient with my workout. I have learned so much in the short time that I have been working out with Kara. Having always gone to the gym in the past, she has taught me how to use just a few pieces of equipment in the small space in my basement to get an amazing full body workout. She comes each week with a new piece of equipment and a new workout that keeps my body and muscles guessing. On the days I am working out alone, I complete the circuits she has given me and continue to hear her voice in my ear correcting my form. Getting back to my goal fitness level is in sight. I love Kara’s energy and positive approach, and admire her knowledge and skills.

— Melissa