I started working with Kara at a particularly desperate time. Two pregnancies, a repeated strained ankle, PCOS and Fibromyalgia had all left me very weak. And Kara has made me strong. I have come so far from where I was when we started our sessions. Kara has pushed me (in a good way) further than I could have ever expected. She is very responsive to my body issues when I have a flare up and we work around it. I would highly recommend Kara to anyone!

— Natasha

I was fortunate to have started working with Kara when I did. I was working with her for over a year before I had a baby. The benefits of having a knowledgeable and adaptable personal trainer were unmeasurable. When I had injuries, Kara would adapt the workouts on the fly. When I mentioned I was having issues with certain areas, she would work at those specific areas in a different way. And if she didn’t know then she would make it her priority to research the issue. When I was pregnant, she made my work outs so personal for every stage of my pregnancy. I had a great recovery after my second c-section and I truly believe it was because of working out with Kara up until delivering. My post-partum energy and physical abilities were so much better and I attribute that to my sessions with Kara. The best thing I can say about Kara is that she has a desire to be a better trainer, not for her, but for her clients. Her desire to train more, learn more and teach more are the things that make her a fantastic trainer to work with.

— Debbie

Professional, personal, informed, fun , always changing and challenging work outs with Kara.

— Michael

I began working with Kara 4 months after having my second baby. I knew I was experiencing diastasis recti (ab separation) and had to learn how to repair my abs while being efficient with my workout. I have learned so much in the short time that I have been working out with Kara. Having always gone to the gym in the past, she has taught me how to use just a few pieces of equipment in the small space in my basement to get an amazing full body workout. She comes each week with a new piece of equipment and a new workout that keeps my body and muscles guessing. On the days I am working out alone, I complete the circuits she has given me and continue to hear her voice in my ear correcting my form. Getting back to my goal fitness level is in sight. I love Kara’s energy and positive approach, and admire her knowledge and skills.

— Melissa

Kara started training me shortly after i had my first child and i couldn’t have asked for a better trainer. Kara always arrived in a cheerful mood and brought new material for every workout.
She is an effective listener, supporting your needs while offering a variety of techniques to keep you motivated. She has a wealth of knowledge not only for optimal workouts but also for nutrition. Kara is extremely passionate about her training career and all of her clients. Whether you’re looking to lean out, build muscle, feel great, eat right or all of the above Kara’s your girl!


Kara has a rare talent for pushing clients to achieve their best but all the while making us feel strong and capable. I walk away from every workout feeling like a superwoman.

-Karina (Facebook review)

Kara is an AMAZING trainer and all around person. I second the comment above in saying that I always feel like superwoman after a session with her. She is honest and supportive and pushes you to your true potential. She believes in her clients and has helped me not only become a stronger woman, but also a better mom and wife. Thank you thank you thank you!!

-Megan (Facebook review)